Welcome to the Kids Cause Mentoring Program Website

At Kids Cause, we believe in empowering children to believe in themselves and be the change they want to see in the world. But it’s not easy to think about solving the world’s biggest problems when you’re faced with day-to-day challenges like violent neighborhoods, absent parents, or crippling poverty. That’s why we work to match disadvantaged children with the help they need to create a level playing field for them, so they can focus on learning, growing, and becoming the great people they were meant to be.

Our approach is three-pronged:

  • Social Support: Through our mentorship program, we provide positive role models and companionship for youths who need a supportive adult to help them find their way forward.
  • Material Needs: We operate a food and supply pantry for parents, making sure that children have full bellies, diapers, school supplies, and other things that they need to succeed in life.
  • Innovative Solutions: Our coordinators work with professionals such as police officers, social workers, and school administrators to help devise ways to help children who are being held back by societal factors or health issues that are out of their control.

With the help of our volunteers and our community, we can improve the world and pave the way for a brighter future, one child at a time. Read on to learn more about us and about the importance of what we do. Then, find out the ways that you can help our cause and contribute in whichever way you can. Your support is much appreciated, both by our staff and by the many local children and families we help every day.